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Two Way Privacy Policy


Two Way Street does not collect or store any cookies.

Business Info stores the business manager's basic public Google profile info: name, email address, in a database.

This profile info is used to validate and identify users of Two Way Street service.

Profile information is not shared with any third-party or marketing organizations.

Business name is stored soley for identification and display in Two Way header. No business information is shared with any third-party.


Patrons are validated through Google, and their basic profile information (name, email address, photo url) is stored in a database operated by Two Way Street

Patron responses are viewable by the business that posed the question.

The business can see the first name, and last name initial, example : "John D.", and the user's profile photo.

When a business sets a question to allow anonyminity, the patron's response is collected for the aggregate statistics. Also, the fact that the patron did reply to that question is known by the business. The actual response is shielded from the business.

Patron responses are not viewable by other patrons. Only aggregate results, such as poll results, can be viewed by a business's patrons if that business set a particular question (share-opp) so that results are open to its patrons.