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About Two Way

Made in New York City for businesses that want to empower patrons to be heard.

The Gist

Two Way is a web application centered around "share-opps" (sharing opportunities) between businesses and patrons. It is accessed from phones and computers via a browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, and "embedded browsers" that you see within such apps as Twitter, Instagram.


Two Way Street is developed by Famprr LLC, a New York technology consultancy and creative workshop registered in 2018, founded by personnel from The New York Times and Chicago Board of Trade.

We Use It!

We'd be hypocrites to not utilize the Two Way Street app ourselves. We set up some Share-Opps and embedded them into a web page.


We, the developers and managers of Two Way Street, are dedicated to providing technology that lets businesses and patrons have an open dialog. We believe this "two way street" allows for patrons to be heard, and better served, and for a business to recieve some guidance from those it serves.

There are numerous "survey" providers. We built Two Way Street around "share-opps" -- sharing opportunities. These are basically questions, that a patron can answer one at a time. We also have made a point of offering a fun interface for the patrons, who can use their touch-scree devices to interact with the share-opps: sorting, selecting, sliding scales..

We are also dedicated to offer the Two Way Street service at an affordable rate that suits the budget of a merchant, service provider, artist, shop, and cafe / salon owner.


Two Way uses a combination of scripting languages and markup and web server technology:

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • Apache web server
  • Linux OS

Web hosting is provided by GoDaddy, Inc. including SQL databases, SSL certificate, and email.

Third-party Integration

Two Way Street uses technology provided by these American companies:

DropBox for image uploading and storage.

Google Sign-in for user validation.

Google Charts for drawing graphs, charts from polling data.

PayPal for receiving payment from businesses.

Two Way : Because we are all in this together.

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