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Frequently Asked Questions

App Basics

Do I need to download an app to use Two Way Street? Will my patrons need to download an app?

Two Way Street is a web app, not an iOS or Android app. Your biz gets a unique URL that you share with patrons. It is accessed through a web browser. Two Way looks and works equally well on mobile devices (tablet, phones) and laptops and desktop computers.

I use a POS that lets me make some simple questions to ask customers after they pay for something. Why would I want to use Two Way Street?

Two Way Street lives outside of and is independent of any POS machine or purchase. Two Way Street is accessed through the web. You can invite patrons to partake Before they make a purchase, in cases where you are gauging interests and taste. Also you can invite them to partake using their own device, at a time of their choosing, with the related comfort and privacy. And of cousre, the variety in which you can format Share-Opps is well beyond the boiler-plate customer service surveys offered in a POS.

What will happen when I first get started with Two Way Street as a biz?

You sign-in via your Google account. You will fill in a short form about your business. Then you can set up your welcome page, and make some Share-Opps. You can copy the Welcome page URL and share it with patrons. Then you can return and view the stats. If you'd like to have more than 2 active Share-Opps, you'll make a payment with PayPal for a 52 week plan.

What is a Share-Opp?

A Share-Opp is short for a Sharing Opportunity that you present to your patrons. You might consider it a "question" but it depends on what type of Share-Opp you make. There are : ranking, rating, removal, and selection type Share-Opps. So, you might consider them "challenges", but best to just call them Share-Opps.

See Anatomy and Example

How many things or choices can a Share-Opp have? Is there a minimum?

A Share-Opp can have up to five (5) choices or things. If the type of Share-Opp is Rate, the minimum can be one thing. For other types of Share-Opps, more than one thing / choice is required. Obviously, to select from, remove from, or rank a list of things, there need be at least two things!

I see we get a welcome page. Do I have complete control over the content?

Your welcome page is controlled by you. You define a headline, and a blurb, and a photo. Two Way inserts a button to your Share Opps with the text "Share Your Two Cents".

Here is a screenshot of an example welcome page.

I've seen some samples and screen shots, but I'd really like to see the full patron experience.. Is there a demo?

Yes, there is a demo. You can experience it -- and any Two Way biz, including your own, as a patron. Simply click this link, which opens a new window. You will be prompted to sign-in via Google, and once authorized, you can partake in a variety of Share-Opps.

Visit The Amazing Pub

I'm not so interested in the aggregate stats. I'm going to use Two Way to screen potential customers with some questions to learn their style and taste. I want to view these responses grouped by patron. Is this possible?

Yes. When you click the Patrons tab, you will see a list with first names, and last name initial of each patron who answered at least one Share-Opp. Click a name and you will see each Share-Opp he or she completed. Click a Share-Opp to see the response.

Here. See this live demo of a biz viewing a patron's responses.


Where are the Share-Opps that I make being stored? Who sees them?

Two Way Street stores Share-Opps in a database. Those that you create and set to "live" are assigned to your biz and only your biz. The patrons you invite to visit can view the Share-Opps in their web browser.

Who can see the responses to my Share-Opps?

If you set a Share-Opps to have "open results", then any of your patrons can see the aggregate results after that patron has shared her response. Otherwise, only the biz owner can see the aggregate results. Each patron is able to see her specific responses for every Share Opp she responded to.

Biz manager can see specific responses per patron unless the patron responded anonymously. The abilty to answer anonymously is set by the biz manager, per Share-Opp.

I am worried about privacy and the sharing of data. Tell me, honestly, are you using my patron's responses to develop some marketing profile on them, and sharing it with Google or other advertising companies?

Absolutely not. For one, no responses in the database are shared with any company. Second, Two Way is programmatically blind to any meaning or context of the Share-Opp choices / things, and the responses of the patrons. To Two Way, the data has no qualitative meaning.

Third, no human, employee of Two Way is capable of viewing your account to study questions and responses or to gain insights into your biz. Finally, our team is dedicated to keeping the trains running, and coming up with new features, not prying into anyone's biz.

I'm thinking of using Two Way just for a couple days to do some polling of employees and maybe some regulars during a football game. What happens to my data if I never return / vacate Two Way Street?

The responses would sit in the Two Way database. You could still login when you like, and access the stats. You can also "unpublish" any of your share-opps to prevent any further responses from patrons.

Does Two Way give me a way to blast out messages or target specific patrons?

No. We store patrons' email addresses only to validate identiy and assure unique visitors. Businesses cannot see patron email addresses.

Customer Service

Can you guarantee me that once I publish my biz and Share Opps, that patrons can visit my biz hosted at Two Way Street and respond to the Share Opps, and that I can then see the results, always?

That is the intent and expectation. We expect a 99.5% uptime of the web server and databases that serves Two Way Street. If there is a disruption, we are able to retrieve data from regular back-ups.

If for some reason, Google servers are offline, then patrons couldn't login, and you, the biz manager, might be unable to be validated to access your account.

Two Way Street plans to minimize maintenance downtime. These scheduled service stoppages would last 3 hours, and you would be notified ahead of time. We have scheduled such maintenance for every 3 or 4 months.

If I have trouble setting up Share Opps who can I talk to for help?

When you are logged into a biz account, you will be able to send messages to Two Way Street support. Someone from Two Way Street will respond by email or phone as you specify.

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