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Business is a Two way Street

a baker a patron

Let Patrons Share Their Two Cents!

Customers can help you help them with Two Way Street. It's a web app to easily set up questions and poll your patrons and prospects. Learn what they want and what they think. Considering changes? Let patrons have their say! The tallies generate stats that you view in beautiful charts. And you can view individual responses when you want to suggest items or tailor a service. Customer relationships require a back-and-forth -- a Two Way Street!

Learn about patrons, Learn about Your Biz!

Polling patrons reveals insights to help you make decisions. Ask and you will learn. What's your best menu category? Are patrons being made aware of specials? Are they willing to pay more for something?

Several formats to obtain feedback

Define some Things, and set them to be :
Ranked, Rated, Selected, or Removed.

Each is a fun hands-on interaction using buttons or sliders.

New: Multi-Select (or Remove) -- set a minimum and maximum per question.

Two Way generates instructions, and lets you create a Text or Image-Text Prompt

a baker

Should we keep Thomas?

Use an image in your prompts. Choose photos from your device, and from your Instagram, Facebook and Google Drive.
See Demo

Fun to See Graphs, Charts

Enhanced by Google Charts, Two Way data visualization gives you the score at a glance.

New - for Ranking questions (patrons sort a list of things), you see the Average rank per thing.

For each Share-Opp you make, choose whether the patrons can see the Vote totals, charts.

Individual Responses

Better Assist each patron by reviewing her responses

If you wish to tailor a customer experience, or make suggestions for items to purchase, you can ask a patron to partake in some Share-Opps. Then you can review and proceed with the transaction.

See this demo.

Patron Privacy

Set any question to be taken Anonymously

It can be helpful to be able to see a patron's selections for a question. Or, if a response might "hurt ones feelings" or mark allegiance, it might be best to let her choose to respond anonymously.

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Secure Login

Patrons are validated via Google on our secure server.

Simple Set-up

  • Sign-in with Google.
  • Create some questions ("share-opps").
  • Add a welcome message.
  • Two Way generages a URL for each share-opp and your welcome page.
  • Copy a URL and paste wherever you share links. Or, embed code into a webpage.

Have Fun

Business is a Two Way Street.. but Life isn't all about business

a dress

this is a screenshot.

Stay engaged with your patrons. Let them express their opinions. Make some silly questions, general topic questions. Inside-jokes.. mock elections re. staff and regulars.

Two Way : Because we are all in this together.

a baker a patron

Demo of Choosing, Editing an Image

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